MUSG   Academic   Senators

Who are Academic Senators?

MUSG is made up of students. Every decision the student senate makes directly effects us, as well as the rest of the student body. It is important to us that MUSG senators work with and on behalf of students. Senators write real legislation to be passed on to administrators, meet with faculty and university officials to discuss concerns, plan forums and events focused on specific topics and gain student feedback through surveys and meeting with students.

What is Student Senate?

Change Agents. Difference Makers. Helping Hands. These phrases exemplify what MUSG’s Senate is all about. MUSG represents the students, and senate is the means to act on what student’s desire. Ever since the founding of MUSG, senate has enacted meaningful change on Marquette’s campus. Whether it be through resolutions to directly help campus, or recommendations to administration, senate strives every day to deliver on issues that matter to the students.

The MUSG Senate actively identifies, addresses, and represents students’ needs, concerns, and interests. As a body, it is our sole job to represent the students and champion initiatives and ideas that will make the Marquette student experience.

2020 Academic Senator Candidates

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College of Arts & Sciences

3 Senator seats available

College of Education

1 Senator seat available

College of Nursing

1 Senator seat available

College of Business Administration

2 Senators seats available

College of Engineering

2 Senators seats available

College of Communication

1 Senator seat available

College of Health & Sciences

2 Senators seats available

2021 Candidate Platforms

Abby Gray

College of Arts and Sciences Senator

"My goal is to continue working on furthering student organization representation at Marquette and continue my work in the Racial Justice and Equity Initiative, specifically within the Arts and Sciences field to continue working to get a CORE class on implicit bias installed in our curriculum. My main goal, as always, is to be your voice."

Riley McAdams

College of Arts and Sciences Senator

"In this position, I will amplify the voices of others and help create a better community for all students at Marquette. I have a passion for racial equality, and plan to continue fighting for the implementation of a required racial bias training and/or course, as it is vital our campus is actively anti-racist."

Teresa Godinez

College of Arts and Sciences Senator

"Hello, my name is Teresa Godinez and I am running for Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. Communication and teamwork will help all of us reach a better university. If you elect me as Senator, I vow to lead with passion and open-mindedness. With my confidence and drive, I am incredibly determined to start making history here at Marquette!"

Ellie O'Brien

College of Business Administration Senator

"I have been a senator for the past 3 years and I would love to continue in this position. I take pride in helping make Marquette a better place and being a bridge between students and administration."

Sierra Jones

College of Health Sciences Senator

"I seek to work alongside the Honors Program to make a mandatory, general req, first year, required class that offers implicit bias training, minority history, and how to take what they are taught to enact it in the real world."