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MUSG   Presidential   candidates

2023 Presidential Candidates

Candidate Debate: Sunday. 2/26/23, 5:00pm Studio 7, second floor of Johnston Hall

Abbie Moravec
Tommy Treacy
 Executive Vice President

"Creating a more just, sustainable, and equitable campus. By working with and for our student body, we can make Marquette a home for all. Our platform is rooted in an intersectional approach to helping all students and our wider community."

Christian Golden
Sherlean Roberts
 Executive Vice President

"We believe representation matters and want to represent the entire Marquette student body. We will be the voice for diversity, student access, mental health, and a safe campus climate for all voices. From voices to initiatives, we will be the agent for change. Please consider giving us your support and together we will all make the difference."

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