Good   Neighbor   Designation

What is Good Neighbor?

The Good Neighbor program is a collaborative effort started in 2015 involving Marquette University Student Government, Off-campus Student Services, Safe and Sound, Avenues West, and local property owners and managers to establish a new, clearer standard for property owners and managers renting to Marquette students in the near-Marquette neighborhood. Its purpose is to increase the aesthetic quality of our neighborhoods and think more proactively about security and safety. Since 2015, over 30 locations have achieved the Good Neighbor designation.


The Good Neighbor team decides designees by applying a list of criteria, originally built by Marquette students, property owners and managers, and city and university officials, that go above and beyond what the state and city require from housing. If properties that have applied for the designation meet all the set standards or have a “Plan of Action” to ensure they will achieve the criteria, they will be designated. This designation lasts 2 years and may be renewed after reassessment.

Designation Criteria

1. Off-site emergency contact number for fire and other emergencies provided to residents.

Aside from 911, residents are provided with a contact number in the event of an emergency. The emergency contact is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to such emergencies.

2. Live-in tenant manager (can be a trained student) – for apartment buildings housing over 20 residents.

A tenant with management training, such as emergency response protocol, can help respond to tenants in a timely and effective fashion.

3. Tenant(s) provided with personal security and fire prevention information.

General safety and fire prevention information can help tenants identify and mitigate dangerous risks and hazards to life and property. Security and fire prevention information is provided to residents at move-in by the landlord.

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Good Neighbor Designated Properties
Tristan Estates

833 N. 14th Street

936 N 18th Street
930 N 18th Street
916 N 20th Street

519 N. 20th Street
922 N. 20th Street
1720/1724 W. Kilbourn Ave

1730 W. Kilbourn Ave
1714 W. Kilbourn Ave 
1704 W. Kilbourn Ave 

Marquette I & II Apartments 

Marquette I: 934-940 N 16th Street
Marquette II: 292 N 17th Street

Marquette University 

Campus Town West 
Campus Town East 
Gilman Building
Frenn Building 
McCabe Apartments

Select Property Group

“The Edge” – 506 N 18th Street

The Ivy of Fourteenth

911 North 14th Street

The Marq

2040 W Wisconsin Ave

Cedar Square

1311 West Kilbourn Ave 
1416 West Kilbourn Ave

1422 W Kilbourn Ave

1432 W Kilbourn Ave

1425 W Kilbourn Ave
945/947 North 17th Street

945A North 15th Street

923 N 14th Street
1818 W. State Street

Saint James Court

831 W. Wisconsin Ave

Apply for Good Neighbor Designation
  1. Contact University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services to request Designation at 414-288-7281, or

  2. Sign Disclaimer.

  3. Interior/Exterior Property Assessment for the academic year will occur between June and August

    1. The team will randomly select vacant units in each building for review 

  4. Property Assessments will be conducted by a trained team:

    1. A Marquette University Student Government off-campus senator. 

    2. A Property Owner/Manager

    3. An Avenues West Representative

  5. Code will be checked via Department of Neighborhood Services website

  6. Milwaukee Landlord Training will be checked via DNS

  7. Lease will be held on file at Marquette University Off-campus student services

  8. Disclaimers will be held on file at Marquette University Off-campus student services

Questions about Good Neighbor?