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As a totally student-run organization, MUSG gives students an opportunity that most internships cannot provide, the ability to make a lasting change within the organization and for the community it serves. You are able to take a leadership position, gaining real-world experience that means something—no busy work.


You could be assisting in the management of our half-a-million-dollar budget, planning dozens of student events throughout the year, working with the greater Marquette community, or creating strategic messaging with the most dynamic student communications team on campus. No matter the position, working with MUSG gives you an opportunity to make a difference across campus.

Clicking "Apply" will redirect you to either a document or Presence form, where you can fill out your application.

Communication Vice President

Job Description

The Communications Vice President position (CVP). serves as the chief communications officer of MUSG, its brand, and of all internal and external communications. This is a stipend-paid position from Spring 2023 - April 30, 2024. It is a great opportunity for a student to gain professional-level experience before entering the field.  The CVP serves as a member of MUSG’s Executive Board and manages a team of communication directors and assistants.

Oureach Vice President

Job Description

The Outreach Vice President (OVP) for MUSG serves as one of the executive officers for MUSG.

Coordinate and implement the Good Tenant program and has both an internal and external focus. The OVP trains and manages a team of desk receptionists, who are often the first point of contact to MUSG for students at large. The OVP also implements the Good Tenant program and oversees the Community Engagement Coordinator and the Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Coordinator. This position is paid a stipend and serves from spring 2023 through April 30, 2024.

Program Vice President

Job Description

The Program Vice President (PVP) serves as the Programming Officer of MUSG and is tasked with overseeing the planning and execution of MUSG and collaborative programs on and off campus, collaborating and communicating with other programming departments on campus. This officer will also serve on the Executive Committee of Marquette University Campus Activities Board. A successful candidate for the Program Vice President position will be an enthusiastic leader with experience organizing programs, communication skills, creativity, attention to detail and adaptability to help lead MUSG during this time of change and transition.


Chair for the Community Engagement Committee (CEC)

The Chair for the Community Engagement Committee is a paid position that works to develop partnerships between the Marquette and Milwaukee community in order to foster long-term collaborative efforts. The goal of the committee is to further Marquette's connection with the Milwaukee community through service and outreach efforts.

Position responsibilities: 

  • The CEC coordinator heads the CEC committee

  • The committee promotes community engagement in many ways; service, cultural inclusion, and campus engagement

  • Report to Senate when requested 

  • Check in biweekly with the Outreach Vice President (OVP)

  • Head various community building projects

If any question please reach out to the Outreach Vice President (OVP), Ryan Lardner at

CEC Committee General Member

The Community Engagement Committee is meant to be an extension of Marquette University’s Jesuit ideals of service and outreach. This committee is committed to service, promoting social justice and forging bonds with the larger Milwaukee community. If you are interested in joining CEC, don't hesitate on reaching out to the Outreach Vice President (OVP), Ryan Lardner at

DESJ Committee General Member

The Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Committee focuses on making the surrounding community feel safe for all who want to be part of making social change. This committee strives to uphold a productive and non-judgmental environment while bringing awareness to issues students feel the need to discuss on a campus. This is done through programming, inter-organizational work, and community partnership. The DESJ Committee, outside of MUSG, also works in tandem with the Center for Engagement and Inclusion and LGBTQ+ Center. If you are interested in joining the DESJ committee, don't hesitate on reaching out to the Outreach Vice President (OVP), Ryan Lardner at

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