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As a totally student-run organization, MUSG gives students an opportunity that most internships cannot provide, the ability to make a lasting change within the organization and for the community it serves. You are able to take a leadership position, gaining real-world experience that means something—no busy work.


You could be assisting in the management of our half-a-million-dollar budget, planning dozens of student events throughout the year, working with the greater Marquette community, or creating strategic messaging with the most dynamic student communications team on campus. No matter the position, working with MUSG gives you an opportunity to make a difference across campus.

Clicking "Apply" will redirect you to either a document or Presence form, where you can fill out your application.

Senior Speaker Coordinator 

Job Description

Positions Open: 1

The Senior Speaker Coordinator position in MUSG heads the Senior Speaker Search Committee which is tasked with coordinating the application and nomination of students for Senior Speaker for the May graduation ceremony.  The coordinator will work with administration, faculty, and students during the search and selection process.  This position entails having strong organization and communication skills. 

Pay Rate: $200 Stipend  

Finance Vice President 

Job Description

Positions Open: 1

The Financial Vice President (FVP) serves as the Chief Financial Officer of MUSG and is tasked with overseeing the annual operating budget, the internal financial practices of the organization, communicating with the university comptroller’s office on behalf of MUSG, chairing the MUSG Budget Committee, coordinating the annual audit process, and co-facilitating the Student Organization Funding (SOF) Process with the Executive Vice President (EVP). The FVP hires and manages 2-3 Financial Office Assistants and one Controller who assist the FVP in his/her/their duties. The FVP reports directly to the President and MUSG Advisor. The FVP works very closely with both the Office of Engagement and Inclusion/Student Affairs and the university comptroller’s office on a daily basis in order to provide transparency in MUSG’s financial practices and coordinate larger efforts on behalf of MUSG and the university.

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