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Outreach Applications

The MUSG Outreach Department is dedicated to connecting students across campus and engaging them both in the Marquette Community and the Milwaukee Community.  With a variety of different opportunities to get involved with, the department works to promote service, social justice, and bonds with the community.  Outreach is the place to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know the area and individuals around you but most importantly, it’s a place that welcomes and creates change.

If you have any questions regarding the positions or the application process, click the links below or reach out to our Outreach Vice President, Evelia Guerrero, at Applications are due July 26th!

Community Engagement Committee Chair

The Chair for the Community Engagement Committee works to develop partnerships between the Marquette and Milwaukee community in order to foster long-term collaborative efforts. The goal of the committee is to further Marquette’s connection with the surrounding neighborhoods by reaching out to community stakeholders, non-profit organizations, locally owned businesses, and etc. A yearly stipend of $500 is included in this position.

Desk Receptionists

Marquette University Student Government Desk Receptionists assist in the day to day operations of the MUSG office which include but are not limited to filing paperwork, maintaining the cleanliness of the office, answering phone calls and emails, interacting with 

office guests, note taking, and other tasks and duties assigned by the MUSG Executive Board. Hours are flexible and built to accommodate students and their classes and extra-curricular activities. Wage begins at $7.50 per hour.

Elections Coordinator

The Elections Coordinator position within MUSG is responsible for heading the Elections Committee which is tasked with coordinating all MUSG elections and student referenda in accordance with the MUSG election rules. The Coordinator will work closely with the MUSG Constitution and the rest of the committee to ensure election rules are not violated and are being followed accordingly.

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