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MUSG   Residential Senator   candidates

2023 Residential Senator Candidates

Abbottsford Hall (1 Seat)


Matthew Czyzewski

My platform is built on three pillars: Engagement, Inclusivity, & Well-being. I'll organize events, ensure all voices are heard, and advocate for amenities, like fans during heatwaves, to enhance Marquette Abbottsford Hall's community, sense of belonging, and residents' well-being. Join me in shaping our future!

Commuter (2 seats)


Adeel Raza

Hello, I am Adeel Raza. I have served as the Commuter Senator for the last two years. Within this time, I worked with the commuter student association and MUSG to farther commuter support. I will continue to represent commuters on campus and involve their voice in important decisions. I will also focus on commuter issues like events/parking costs.

Carpenter Tower (1 seat)
Cobeen Hall (1 seat)
Eckstein Tower (1 Seat)
Humphrey Hall (1 seat)
Mashuda Hall (1 seat)
Off Campus (6 seats)
Schroeder Hall (2 seats)
Straz Tower (1 seat)

Wells Street Hall (1 seat)


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