MUSG   Residential   Senators

Who are Residential Senators?

MUSG is made up of students. Every decision the student senate makes directly effects us, as well as the rest of the student body. It is important to us that MUSG senators work with and on behalf of students. Senators write real legislation to be passed on to administrators, meet with faculty and university officials to discuss concerns, plan forums and events focused on specific topics and gain student feedback through surveys and meeting with students.​

What is Student Senate?

Change Agents. Difference Makers. Helping Hands. These phrases exemplify what MUSG’s Senate is all about. MUSG represents the students, and senate is the means to act on what student’s desire. Ever since the founding of MUSG, senate has enacted meaningful change on Marquette’s campus. Whether it be through resolutions to directly help campus, or recommendations to administration, senate strives every day to deliver on issues that matter to the students.

The MUSG Senate actively identifies, addresses, and represents students’ needs, concerns, and interests. As a body, it is our sole job to represent the students and champion initiatives and ideas that will make the Marquette student experience.

2020 Candidate Platforms

Abby Gray

Running for Abbotsford Senator

I intend to represent the Residents of Abbotsford Hall by listening to how the residents feel. I want to assure that everyone's voice in heard in terms of the issues I would vote on, and regularly will hold open polls as to how students are feeling about relevant issues on campus.

Nancy Flaherty

Running for Cobeen Hall Senator

My name is Nancy Flaherty and I'm running as a Cobeen Hall Residential Senator. I've held leadership positions in speech, debate, and drama club, and have learned about what it means to listen to others, solve problems, and communicate effectively. I'm passionate and eager to lead changes in my residential hall as a freshman.

David Felix

Running for Commuter Senator

The Aim for Greater Education and Unity


John Gunville

Running for Eckstein Tower Senator



Ann Bertane

Running for Off-Campus Senator

Hi! I'm Ann Bertane and I'm a junior here at MU, majoring in political science and advertising! This would be my 3rd year participating in MUSG. Through MUSG I have met countless incredible individuals that I truly value their voice, and positive change they make here on Marquette's campus and beyond. Now more than ever we can be the difference.


Bella Hennessy

Running for Off-Campus Senator

I want to be residential senator because I want to advocate for marginalized groups. Everyone at Marquette deserves to feel safe and at home here. I also have previously partaken in MUSG as a financial office assistant and financial controller. Using my knowledge of the funding process, I will advocate for the most effective use of student tuition.


Christian Cruz

Running for Off-Campus Senator

I want to continue my job as a Senator for the Marquette community through my involvement in MUSG. I will work hard to best represent the undergraduate students at Marquette.


Grace Thompson 

Running for Schroeder Senator

Hello my name is Grace Thompson & I am a sophomore & returning member of MUSG. Last year, I learned so much from upperclassmen in MUSG, whom I now consider friends. MUSG is welcoming & fun, yet, the members are never afraid to ask hard hitting questions, which is why I want to return & make a difference!