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Who are Residential Senators?

MUSG is made up of students. Every decision the student senate makes directly effects us, as well as the rest of the student body. It is important to us that MUSG senators work with and on behalf of students. Senators write real legislation to be passed on to administrators, meet with faculty and university officials to discuss concerns, plan forums and events focused on specific topics and gain student feedback through surveys and meeting with students.​

What is Student Senate?

Change Agents. Difference Makers. Helping Hands. These phrases exemplify what MUSG’s Senate is all about. MUSG represents the students, and senate is the means to act on what student’s desire. Ever since the founding of MUSG, senate has enacted meaningful change on Marquette’s campus. Whether it be through resolutions to directly help campus, or recommendations to administration, senate strives every day to deliver on issues that matter to the students.

The MUSG Senate actively identifies, addresses, and represents students’ needs, concerns, and interests. As a body, it is our sole job to represent the students and champion initiatives and ideas that will make the Marquette student experience.

2019 Candidate Platforms

As Abbotsford Hall's Residential Senator, my priority will be letting the voices of residents be heard. I am excited to tackle problems, listen to concerns, and provide constructive criticism in order to provide the best living experience for residents. 

Running for Abbotsford Senator

Brandon Brewer


My objective is to make a difference in the Resident Halls. Being the person able to speak out about the rules of the resident halls, whether they are fair or unfair to the residents. Also, being the voice of the people and the residents who are not being heard.

Running for Abbotsford Senator

Dyve'a Robinson


I am a hard working, quick learning student with real experience in government under State Representative Lisa Subeck. I hope to bring open and honest communication by posting frequent updates on the goings on in MUSG, and by having an open door policy to all resident concerns. Vote Cory Forbes for a Senator that works for you, tirelessly and cheerfully. 

Running for Carpenter Senator

Cory Forbes

Hi Cobeen Residents! I am Grace Thompson and I am so excited to announce that I will be running for Senate! When I decided to come to MU, I wanted to "be the difference" on campus and I want to be a part of all of Marquette's offered opportunities. If elected, I vow to try my hardest to have every resident's voice and ideas heard.

Running for Cobeen Senator

Grace Thompson


Candidate did not submit a platform.

Running for Commuter Senator

Carlos Alba

Candidate did not submit a platform.

Running for Commuter Senator

Oluwapelumi Oguntade

As a Senator, I will make the campus lounge a sense of belonging among all commuters. I will also find a way to have food/snacks readily available for us commuters as some of us take on long, dreadful days on an empty stomach. Your concerns are my concerns, so let's work together in making ends meet. 

Running for Commuter Senator

Ivan Rojo


Candidate did not submit a platform.

Running for Humphrey Senator

Alexandra Schmidt

I will ensure that everyone in Mashuda is heard and represented to the best of my ability. I think 'Shuda people should stick together and I'm willing to represent this hall with an open mind and bring new ideas to the table.

Running for Mashuda Senator

Darrell Dufek


I will serve as the acting voice for students living in the neighborhood, while problem solving and strengthening the relationships between the students, administration, property owners, and the city of Milwaukee. During this time, I will continuously represent the people I am elected to serve and bring the enti

Running for Off-Campus Senator

Kevin O'Finn

weber-sara-offcampus .jpg

I hope to continue the work I've put into Marquette University Student Government for the past three years. This fall, I would specifically like to start legislation regarding Title IX resources in regards to proper professor-student relationships in college communities.

Running for Off-Campus Senator

Sara Weber


I want to be a part of an organization that brings positive chance to the Marquette campus and student body. I want to provide feedback and new ideas so everyone can benefit. I love being involved and using my energetic personality to bring people together and have a fun time overall.

Running for Schroeder Senator

Christian Cruz


I am a BISC Honors Student who's dedicated to equity and social justice, which has given me the ability to empathize with all people. As your representative, I will be dedicated to listening and enacting what you want to see change or continue on Marquette's campus. I am actively seeking new ideas to make our campus better for all students. 

Running for Straz Senator

Sierra Jones

As a representative for the residents of Straz Tower, I would aim to continue and encourage the strong sense of community among Straz residents. I believe that the Straz community holds strong educational and social values, and that as a representative of these values I would be able to encourage a healthy living and learning environment. 

Running for Straz Senator

Madison Wolff

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