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RHA   President   and   Executive   Vice   President

Making Marquette Home

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves as the voice of the resident student population. Elected RHA representatives serve as liaisons between their respective halls or apartments and the Association by addressing the needs of the residents through programming, initiating change, and building community among the residence halls. In the Spring, students within campus-owned or operated residences vote to elect the RHA President and Executive Vice President.

The Role of the RHA President
The Role of the RHA Executive Vice President

Act as a liaison between RHA and MUSG, presiding over all Residence Hall Association meetings, being a spokesperson for the organization, and chairing the executive board meetings. In addition the President is required to remain on campus during the summer before their term and work 10 hours a week in the RHA office.

Act as Elections Commissioner during Fall and Spring Elections, organizing the annual blood drive, and stepping in for president if unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

2019 RHA Rep Candidates
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