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Senior   Speaker


The Senior Speaker represents someone who has had a true Marquette experience. They are nominated by students and faculty and the top ten finalists are selected based on academic standing, their campus involvement, and how they represent the Marquette University mission. The final candidate is chosen to take the podium at Spring commencement and speak about what it means to go forward as a Marquette alumnus. But to choose the final candidate, the decision is in your hands as a Marquette Senior. This year's top 10 finalists are listed below. Who will represent the class of 2023?

 Semifinalist Candidates 2023

Click on the candidate photos for their campaign videos.

David Chrisbaum
Sarah Hayden
Max Mantych
Paula Paliwoda
Paige Stoeffler
Jamal Hanson
Timothy Littau
Megan McGuire
Noah Smith
Madeline Taphorn
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