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MUSG has moved to all Spot Funding on a rolling basis for this year. All organizations will still be able to apply for funding for events/goods in Spring 2022. SOF training will open on August 26, 2021. SOF applications will also open on January 25, 2022, and close on April 28, 2022.

Reimbursement requests are due within 30 days of the event or purchase of items (in the case of capital goods) OR by May 13, 2022 (whichever comes first).

Student Organization Funding (SOF) is a process where student organizations and club sports can apply to receive funding for events and initiatives. This funding is made available every academic year and is funded by a portion of the Student Activity Fee, paid each semester by each full time undergraduate student. This fee supports the funding student organizations need to back their activities and involve the entire student body.

The SOF Committee is the chief manager of the Student Activity Fee and is responsible for allocating the funds. The committee consists of eight members: four student senators, one program board member, the MUSG Financial VP, the MUSG Executive VP, and an adviser.

SOF Training 

Fall 2021 Dates


Keeping Students Active

COVID-19 Update Regarding SOF

SOF Definitions

MUSG Annual Operating Budget

Comprised of revenues from the MUSG portion of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) and derived funds and their disbursement for the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.

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What you NEED TO KNOW before applying for funding:

Club Sports

If you are a Club Sport Student Organization, please click here for specific guidelines.​

Good Standing

All student organizations recognized in good-standing may apply for SOF.


We strongly encourage applicants to reach out with any questions during the application process.

Training Session

It is mandatory for a student organization's President or E-board member to attend one of the scheduled training sessions on the SOF process before applying for funding. If an E-board member does not attend a session, the organization cannot apply for funding.

Be Detailed

SOF applications must describe the proposal, describe the monetary requirements, and describe how it benefits the Marquette community in detail. A highly detailed and comprehensive application not only makes the process easier, but has historically improved an applicant's probability of approval.


We encourage collaboration among student organizations when sponsoring events. In these cases, only one application from one of the participating student organizations is necessary to achieve funding for a collaborative event.

Unique Events

Fundable events do not include regular organizational meetings (any weekly/monthly meeting where the agenda does not deviate from typical discussion). A “unique reoccurring event” might include a series of events like presentations or speakers. If the event occurs on a regular and repeating schedule, a rational description of the unique nature of the event is required.

Plan Ahead

Plan events in advance of the application. We cannot consider previous allocations for the organization's event nor similar events of other organizations.

Proof of Cost

All applications must contain proof of cost for every expense requested. Proof of cost can be in the form of screenshots of item cost on websites, quotes from vendors or facilities, or past receipts and contracts. Proof of cost cannot be an estimation or assumption of cost. The SOF committee cannot fund a request without sufficient proof of cost.


Each funding request is considered individually and is reviewed on its potential benefit to the greater Marquette community. The SOF committee can choose to allocate full, partial, or no funding to an organization based on the application, funding criteria, and discussion. Submitting an application does not guarantee funding from MUSG. Student organizations cannot apply twice for the same event, even if funding is denied.

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Spot Funding

Spot Funding is a rolling funding process that occurs throughout the fall and spring semesters. Spot Funding can be used for small-scale and unanticipated expenses or other events that organizations were not ready to apply for in the bulk funding period. Funds are limited for spot funding, and will be doled out throughout the semester. Spot funding cannot be used for events that were previously denied funding and still require all the proper documentation such as invoices, receipts, contracts, etc. Spot Funding is on a first-come, first-served basis. 


All funds that are allocated to a student organization are awarded through a reimbursement process. The funds that a student organization is allocated are first paid by the student organization and then reimbursed by MUSG through a detailed reimbursement form.


An exception to this reimbursement process would be any upfront costs. Upfront costs are costs payable directly by MUSG. These costs include Sodexo catering, AMU technology, MUPD security, linen/event management, publicity, or university-approved vendors. Invoices are necessary in applications for upfront costs.

University-Approved Vendors

If a student organization uses a university-approved vendor, said student organization is able to bill MUSG directly. This is an upfront cost, so organizations do not need to go through the reimbursement process; however, organizations need to coordinate this purchase with the MUSG Financial Vice President. Using a university-approved vendor is highly recommended, but not required. Usage of these vendors does not guarantee funding. Organizations must still attach a quote or invoice to their application when using a university-approved vendor.

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What the Student Activity Fee can fund

What Can be Funded

  • Speakers or educational events

  • Documentaries, films and performances

  • Tournament travel, lodging, and registration

  • Conference registration

  • Events, a series of events, services, or activities that are free and open to all undergraduate students and that enhance the great Marquette Community

What Cannot be Funded

  • Recruiting or fundraising events

  • Personal goods

  • Operating expenses (office supplies)

  • Non-current expenses (expenses incurred outside the funding period)

  • League Fees, Entry Fees, National Dues

  • Any event that charges admission fees

  • A good or an event for which a student organization has previously been denied funding

Club Sports Specific Guidelines

Club Sports allocations are included in the SOF Spot Funding processes. Each application is considered under standard SOF guidelines, along with these specified guidelines for Club Sports Student Organizations.

The Student Activity Fee can provide funding for:

  • Team/Coach/fan transportation and lodging

  • Field/facility rental costs

  • Referee/officials fees

  • Salaries for non-playing coaches

  • First aid supplies

  • Entry and Tournament Fees

  • Publicity

Club Sports Student Organizations must provide an official priced quote for each of the above expenses. A prior year's contracts or receipts may be used as a quote if current ones are not available by application time.

Claiming Donations

When a donation is made to a club sport student organization, these donations first go through the University. These designated funds are then moved into an account where the specified donations are earmarked for the designated club sport to claim. The club sport organization should then be notified of their donation by a Recreational Sports staff member, which at this point, the student organization then claim. This process typically takes 1-2 business days. If you are aware of an incoming donation, but have not received a notification, please contact a Recreational Sports Assistant Director.

On-Campus Events

All on-campus events are required to include an itemized quote of all costs relating to the event (i.e. speaking fees, food costs, or performer wages). Events with outside vendors or individuals will need a Marquette contract. If you need a contract, contact the Office of Student Development at least 3 weeks prior to the event. A W9 tax form will also need to be completed.



The quote provided with speaker events must include an itemized list of: The speaking fee, any lodging or transportation costs for the speaker, any incidental costs on behalf of the speaker.

Banquets and Networking Events 

The Student Activity Fee cannot provide funding for award banquets and end of the year celebrations, unless it is clearly demonstrated that such an event is open to and will benefit the entire community. The applying organization should provide rationale on how the food is an integral part of the event.


All applications for events with DJs, artists, or performers must provide a price quote and description of the performance.

Off-Campus Events

All off-campus event applications must provide rationale that this event will benefit the greater Marquette community and should speak on behalf of the the members attending the event.


Off-campus conferences are limited funds to conference registration fees. Funding for transportation costs, lodging costs, and fuel costs will not be considered for conference trip applications. 

Applications that show that an organization is contributing its own funds, individual member funds, or funds through fundraising efforts to cover the costs of off-campus events have historically been favored by the SOF committee.


Transportation to Non-Conference, Off-Campus Events

A detailed quote of all expected transportation expenses are required, including: 

  • Bus, train, or airplane costs per ticket

  • Rental car will require a detailed quote and/or a copy of the rental contract

MUSG can provide up to $0.555 per mile of the route for the total cost of auto travel.



The reasoning behind the number of individuals sent on each trip should be explained in the application. A detailed quote of the expected lodging costs is required.

The SOF committee assumes at least four students are housed per hotel room in order to maximize efficiency

Publicity Funding

MUSG can provide publicity and advertising funding for on-campus events, off-campus events, and club sports. The SOF Committee will use the same copy rates as MU Printwise ($0.50 a color copy) for any requests submitted. Detailed breakdowns of the number of copies and types of publicity (table tents, flyers, etc.) used is preferable. A copy of publicity must be attached when submitting a reimbursement form.

All publicity must feature the MUSG Student Activity Fee Logo. Failure to include the logo could result in a rejected reimbursement.