Good   Tenant   Training

Learn to Live Off-Campus

The Good Tenant Training program started alongside the Good Neighbor Program. It exists to educate Marquette students on how to live off-campus in the best possible way. These educational efforts are centered around Good Tenant Training, held each fall, which goes over the process of signing a lease, how to properly and effectively interact with landlords, and live in a way that is both enjoyable and respectable. Through the Good Tenant Initiative, MUSG partners with MUPD and property owners and managers to effectively educate incoming juniors looking to move off campus.

2020 Good Tenant Training Dates

Get all the info you need about living on and off campus. Here you can compare residence halls and get contacts for your off-campus housing needs and wants.

Rent College Pads works to help college students at Marquette University find the best off-campus housing in Milwaukee near the Marquette campus. They have got tons of options for students on and around Marquette's campus.

Questions, comments, or concerns about Good Tenant Training or living on/off campus? Click above to reach out to the MUSG Outreach Vice President for help. 

AMU 133 | Monday - Friday

Open: 10:00am - 6:00pm


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