Meet   The   Team

Executive Board

Sara Manjee - President Interim

College of Business Administration 


Office: (414) - 288 - 5130 // Cell: (414) - 460 - 1245


In West (of) Milwaukee born and raised, on the zoo interchange is where I spend most of my days. I love morning walks through the Near West Side, face masks, and I live my life taco Tuesday to taco Thursday.

TBD - Executive VP

Elections on September 17th, 2020

Head to the Elections tab for more information!

Alex Schmidt - Programs VP

College of Health Sciences, she/her/hers

Office: (414) - 288 - 7670 // Cell: (630) - 640 - 0930


Hi everyone! I’ve been in MUSG since my freshman year here at Marquette, and I’m really passionate about all the work we do! If I’m not in my office I’m probably at my favorite coffee shop Rochambo, painting with my friends, or exploring new restaurants in Milwaukee (my current favorite is La Masa). Please feel free to call me or come by the office to talk about programs, food, or anything!

Joel G. John - Finance VP

College of Business Administration, he/him/his

Office: (414) - 288 - 7114 // Cell: (708) - 518 - 7429


Hey Fam! My name is Joel G. John, but people call me JGJ (to keep it short and sweet). I grew up in Orland Park, IL (I know I know another Chicago Suburb). One thing I'm really looking forward to as FVP is to work with all of the student organizations and find new ways to help them reach their goals. In my free time you can find me playing guitar, balancing some financial accounts, or finding a wacky new recipe to cook. My turtle's name is Andre Leon Thomas IV, but we call him ALT4 (short and sweet remember)? Please feel free to come in to talk finance, or if you just want to swap recipes!

Dillon Lively - Outreach VP

College of Arts & Sciences, she/her/hers

Office: (414) - 288 - 3632 // Cell: (630) - 666 - 5749


Hey y’all! I’m Dillon, from Glen Ellyn, IL (like 10 mins from Naperville). If I’m not working on outreach, I’m probably painting, playing my violin or guitar, or grabbing some boba tea (my newest obsession). I’m excited to work on engaging Marquette students with the Milwaukee community more this year. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna talk outreach or to just share a new boba recommendation!

Andy Braatz - Legislative VP Interim

College of Arts & Sciences, he/him/his

Office: (414) - 288 - 5199 // Cell: (414) - 690 - 2494


Hello everyone! My name is Andrew but most people call me Andy. I grew up in Greenfield, which is a suburb of Milwaukee. I am a double major in Political Science and Corporate Communication. If I am not in the office I am most likely taking a trip to Culvers (Andes Mint Avalanche is the best flavor) or binge-watching the newest Netflix show. I am always looking for new shows to watch so send me any suggestions. If you have any changes you want to see on campus I would be happy to talk about them and help write legislation to get these changes done.

Katie Breck - Communications VP

College of Arts & Sciences, she/her/hers

Office: (414) - 288 - 7672 // Cell: (630) - 947 - 6150 


I share the same last name as a shampoo brand popular throughout the 1970s, but please, just call me Katie. I'm from Western Springs, IL and have been a part of MUSG since my sophomore year. I'm so excited to be CVP, and look forward to sharing all the work we do with the rest of the campus community! When I'm not in the office, you can probably find me at the Public Market with my friends, having a dance party and listening to 2010s indie-electro-pop, or chugging an iced Americano on my way to a meeting. Feel free to contact me to discuss all things comm, coffee, or just to chat!

Student Senate

Residential Senators

Elected in the Fall Elections

Abbottsford Hall

Abby Gray 

Carpenter Tower


Cobeen Hall

Nancy Flaherty

Humphrey Hall


Mashuda Hall


Eckstein Tower

John Gunville

Wells St. Hall


O'Donnell Hall


Schroeder Hall

Grace Thompson

Straz Tower


Evans Scholar House



David Felix



Anne Bertane

Christian Cruz

Bella Hennessy





Academic Senators

Elected in the Spring Elections

College of Arts & Sciences

Savannah Charles

Riley McAdams


College of Business

Ellie O'Brien


College of Communication


College of Engineering



College of Education

Emma Mass

College of Health Sciences

Sierra Jones


College of Nursing

Yasmeen Atta

Other Senate Positions

Legislative Clerk

Chris Ibitoye

President Pro Tempore



Communications Team

Creative Director

Aminah Beg


Graphic Designers

Erika Quinonez 

Samantha Smith

Multimedia Director

Amanda Oyen 

Multimedia Specialist

Radhika Dua

PR Director

Krista Casuga

PR Specialists

Victor Chahin 

Hannah Kroll

Data Analyst 

Joseph Garino

Programming Board
Finance Team
Executive Positions

Programming Coordinators

Allie Bosley 

Darrell Dufek 



August Peterson

Financial Office Assistants

Angel Zavala

Crystal Ibarra 

Michael O'Connell

Judicial Administrator

Lineaa Stanton

Elections Coordinator

Eric Miller


Senior Speaker Coordinator

Simran Bhalla

Chief of Staff

Elizabeth Murillo

Diversity, Equity, & Social Justice Committee


Chika Okoro-Osademe

Community Engagement Committee


Brigid Hughes 

 Desk Receptionists

Desk Receptionists

Rafiq Wallace

Alexandra Tuser 

Marge Millerick 

Laryn Zvokel

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