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Executive Board

In West (of) Milwaukee born and raised, on the zoo interchange is where I spend most of my days. I love morning walks through the Near West Side, face masks, and I live my life taco Tuesday to taco Thursday.


Office: (414) - 288 - 5130 // Cell: (414) - 460 - 1245

Sara Manjee - President

College of Business Administration 

Hi! You can call me Dan (or Brophy). I've served in MUSG since my first year at Marquette. Like my sweet friend Chonk (scroll down), I enjoy a nice weekend brunch - try Toast Cafe. I'm also a fan of caring about our communities - small and large. From Marquette to the Near West Side to Wisconsin and beyond, we all have a place in making our place a better place (sorry for the alliteration). Stop by AMU 133 to chat about all-things MUSG or to offer brunch recommendations!


Office: (414) - 288 - 5150 // Cell: (630) - 808 - 9032

Dan Brophy - Executive VP

College of Arts and Sciences

What's good, I'm Madison! I've been with MUSG for four years and can't wait to take it even further in my role alongside the rest of Eboard. If I'm not in my office, you can catch me teaching spin classes at Spire Fitness in the Third Ward, enjoying a large iced coffee beverage (basic, I know!) or eating the best of Milwaukee's cuisine. I want everyone to feel as welcomed as Marquette has made me feel, so please visit me any time! xoxo

Office: (414) - 288 - 7670 // Cell: (952) - 381 - 1097

Madison Hicks - Programs VP

College of Communication

Hello everyone! If you are looking for me, I am probably watching whatever televised sport I can find. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, I enjoy hiking for scenic views. I also consider myself a foodie and by foodie I mean my favorite hobby is eating. I am open to any movie, TV show, book, and food suggestions, as well as anything you would like to see changed here at Marquette. Come chat with me anytime and anywhere!

Office: (414) - 288 - 7114 // Cell: (480) - 208 - 2524

Carlos Gonzalez - Finance VP

College of Engineering

Hey everyone!  If I’m not in the office I’m probably studying for a nursing exam or picking up a mobile order from Starbucks (my go-to is a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle). My perfect day would be getting tacos from Los Comales on the South side, but please send any and all suggestions for places you think might have better tacos than them.  Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about outreach or if you just want to chat!

Office: (414) - 288 - 3632 // Cell: (262) - 902 - 8191

Evelia Guerrero - Outreach VP

College of Nursing

You can call me Marsh. Theres a few things you need to know before we can get down to Brass Tacks. 1) G2: King of Monsters was the most important movie to drop in 2019. 2) Milwaukee is the economic, cultural, and spiritual center of this country. 3) Creative Differences is the greatest podcast on the market right now. Call me, beep me if you want to reach me!

Office: (414) - 288 - 5199 // Cell: (414) - 899 - 5606

Peter Feider - Legislative VP

College of Engineering

My friends call me Chonk. Big fan of brunch, Dalmatians, apartments with balconies, and Paddington 2 (2018). If I'm not in my office making coffee (Dan and I share a French press), you can probably find me at Comet Cafe. Seriously, I eat there like three times a week. Feel free to stop by the office anytime to talk movies, communication efforts, or Comet Cafe. 

Office: (414) - 288 - 7672 // Cell: (815) - 494 - 0569

Nicholas Cordonnier - Communications VP

College of Communication

Student Senate

Residential Senators

Elected in the Fall Elections

Abbottsford Hall

Brandon Brewer

Carpenter Tower

Cory Forbes

Cobeen Hall

Grace Thompson

Humphrey Hall

Alexandra Schmidt

Mashuda Hall

Darrell Dufek

Eckstein Tower


Wells St. Hall

Maddy Owen

O'Donnell Hall


Schroeder Hall

Christian Cruz

Ann Bertane

Straz Tower

Sierra Jones

Evans Scholar House

Matt Loffredo


Carlos Alba

Oluwapelumi Oguntade


Sara Weber

Kevin O'Finn

Alex Rhodes-Sutliff

Ellie O'Donoghue

Jake Hanauer

Abby Ng

Academic Senators

Elected in the Spring Elections

College of Arts & Sciences

Ethan Bowers

Andrew Braatz

Eddie Whitehead

College of Business

Ellie O'Brien

Henry Yang

College of Communication


College of Engineering

Thomas Reis


College of Education

Emma Mass

College of Health Sciences

Alexander Burbach

Zoya Shams

College of Nursing

Yasmeen Atta

Other Senate Positions

Legislative Clerk

Chris Ibitoye

President Pro Tempore

Andrew Braatz


Communications Team

Creative Director



Graphic Designers

Mariet Bejarano

Maria Jose Moran Avila

Damaris Zita

Multimedia Director

Emma Samson

Multimedia Specialists

Amanda Oyen

Samantha Smith

Tania Avallone

Jill Nuelle

PR Director

Laura Nootbaar

PR Specialists

Katie Breck

Olivia Mancheski-Thompson

Angel Webster

Erika Quinonez

Data Specialist

Joseph Garino

Programming Board
Finance Team
Executive Council

Programming Coordinators

Erin Fitzgerald

Rue Guled

Marie Towns


Bella Hennessy

August Peterson

Financial Office Assistants

Angel Zavala

Judicial Administrator

Kate Rice

Elections Coordinator

Savannah Charles


Senior Speaker Coordinator

Simran Bhalla

Diversity, Equity, & Social Justice Committee



Community Engagement Committee


Molly Schamberger

Office Assistants and Desk Receptionists

Chief of Staff

Elizabeth Murillo

Desk Receptionists

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Rafiq Wallace

Samari Price

AMU 133 | Monday - Friday

Open: 10:00am - 6:00pm


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