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About University Committees

Students are appointed to University Committees by the current Student Body President. As a student representative on a University Committee, you will work alongside passionate university faculty and staff to better Marquette. Each committee has a key focus area (i.e. diversity and inclusion, university honors, dining and event services, academic integrity, and many other focus areas). 


As a student on a university committee, you are a voting member (depending on the committee) and are often called upon to provide your opinion. Each student representative is required to attend a short orientation from MUSG, submit a brief online summary form after each committee meeting, attend each committee, and participate in the duties of their appointed committee. It is a phenomenal opportunity for any interested student.

Resources for Reps

You play a vital role in University committees. Your student perspective has important weight in meetings, and by reporting back to MUSG, we learn what is going well at Marquette, what is needed, and how us at MUSG can best serve Marquette.

To make your role easier, we have made these resources available for you. Please use them throughout your committee experience, do not hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or concerns.


Thank you for being involved in your committee!

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